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  • Google's Multi-Bullion Dollar Scam, Russia's Failed Coup, & Nvidia Stock Gets Hit

Google's Multi-Bullion Dollar Scam, Russia's Failed Coup, & Nvidia Stock Gets Hit

What Happened This Week In Money?

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On This Episode:

Brian is back from Portugal and Mark is back from an undisclosed location for an all new This Week In Money! A lot has happened while the guys have been OOO, so they're ready to hit the ground running and tackle the latest headlines!

Here’s what we covered:

Introducing: Bullish Rippers x SaberTrade 🤝📈

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About Our Partnership

Every week, you can expect a section from SaberTrade in the Rippers newsletter, showing you an easy way to trade and engage with our community.

About This Week In Money:

“This Week In Money” is a seriously not-so-serious weekly show breaking down the top headlines in money, biz, and culture, hosted by Bullish Studio CEO Brian Hanly and Equity Animal CEO Mark Moran.

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