Leveraging the Future of 3D Printing

R3 Printing Co-Founders Petra Wood and Paul Sieradzki join us on the Bullish Studio Podcast

About the episode:

R3 Printing Co-Founders Petra Wood and Paul Sieradzki join us on this episode of the Bullish Studio Podcast to discuss how their 3D printing company is breaking through barriers, empowering manufacturers to scale their operations and leveraging their cutting-edge equity crowdfunding so anybody can invest via StartEngine.

Check out R3 Printing's crowdfunding page here: https://www.startengine.com/offering/r3printinginc

And here’s a breakdown of our chat:

  • How R3 Printing got started

  • What inspired them to start R3

  • The first thing they 3D printed

  • What products R3 is building

  • Who are their competitors

  • The 3D printing market and other industries using 3D printing

  • Crowdfunding and collaborating with their investors

  • What are their future plans and products?

About the podcast:

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