Rippers Weekly Recap

This week's best and worst performers — from Tesla to GameStop

StockMKTNewz Evan
December 11, 2021

Welcome to the first installment of the Rippers Weekly Recap!

About The Rippers Weekly Recap: 

Hey everyone, it’s Evan! But I’m better known on Twitter as @StockMKTNewz. If you know me, you know I tweet way too much for any sane person to track. So I thought I would narrow down my hundreds of tweets to get you caught up here in under 5 minutes!

Before we dive in, I wanted to leave a quick note here to talk about the changes on this newsletter. I really want this to be something that better embodies what I try to do over on my Twitter — inform, educate and hopefully entertain a little too. I’ve put a lot of time into Twitter and feel great about the feed I've created; however, newsletters are something completely new for me. 

I’m putting in the work to master this, and I can feel it getting closer — it makes me really excited! With that in mind, I’d love any feedback you have on this newsletter. Feel free to send me a DM to either @StockMKTNewz or @BullishRippers

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If you care about stocks, just opened a Robinhood account, or are new to the world of investing — the Bullish Rippers Newsletter is for you! Every week, we're covering the biggest stocks dominating the conversation from Wall Street to FinTwit. Think of us as your go-to-guide to the stocks and crypto that are ripping.... and dipping. Ultimately, our goal is to help you try and identify opportunities and actions in the marketplace. 

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of this week's:

  • S&P 500 heat map
  • Best + worst performers
  • Stocks that made headlines
  • FinTwit reactions
  • PLUS a clip from our new video series: The Rippers Rundown

This Week's S&P 500 Heat Map

Best Performers of the Week

Oracle Reports Impressive Earnings

Oracle’s strong earnings were enough to send the stock flying up 15.6%, making it Oracle’s second best trading day in 20 years. The parabolic move sent co-founder CEO Larry Elison’s net worth higher by about $16 billion. 

Larry Ellison was throwing punches on the conference call — calling out certain unnamed competitors for some downtime they’ve been having recently.

Worst Performers of the Week

GameStop Reports Earnings

You can read more about GameStop’s earnings here. Although I'll warn you: They don’t care much about providing information on their earnings.

Lucid: SEC Probe and Selling Convertible Debt

Here’s an article if you want to read more about Lucid. And if you’re wondering what convertible debt means, here’s a quick explainer.

Also, shoutout to all my typos in these tweets! And an even bigger shoutout to Twitter for not letting me edit my typos! 

In Other (Bigger) News...

Apple Inches Toward $3 Trillion Market Cap 

If you follow me on Twitter, I think you’d expect this one here. I mean, how could I write a whole market recap and NOT include my favorite — Apple. 

Apple was also featured in the first section (about the first 20 seconds) of this week’s Rippers Rundown, a new way for you to experience Rippers! Check it out below ⬇️

You can watch the new video series — along with a bunch more Rippers video content coming soon — on our YouTube channel.

Apple continues to move higher from when we filmed that video, now less than $100 billion away from the $3 trillion market cap milestone.

Tesla Just Keeps Being Tesla!

Tesla's overall sales/export of Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3/Model Y was above 50,000 for the third consecutive month in November. Tesla was also up 145% from November 2020, according to Insider EVs

Reuters said the SEC launched the probe in response to a former Tesla employee’s whistleblower complaint that alleged the company failed to properly notify its shareholders and the public of fire risks associated with its solar panel systems. You can read more about here it.

And what’s a week for Tesla without some crazy tweets from Elon:

I wonder what influencer Elon would look like 🤔

Looking Forward

Changes are coming to the NASDAQ 100 $QQQ.

Thanks for reading our first edition of the Rippers Weekly Recap! Stay bullish and we'll see you all in the next one 🔥

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