Rippers Weekly Recap 01/13

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Before we get into the markets… we’ve got the perfect weekend watch for you 👀🍿

The award-winning, feature documentary THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE is now available to stream 🎉

How The Stock Market Performed Over The Past 5 Days

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Heat Map of the S&P 500

Best Performing Large Cap Stocks

Worst Performing Large Cap Stocks

We’ve Got Your Next Movie Night Pick 🍿

Over the last few crazy years, Bullish Studio has been helping the amazing team at Optimist produce a feature doc about how technology and FOMO have changed our culture’s relationship with money.

And now you can watch it for yourself!

We’re excited to announce that the award-winning, feature documentary THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE is now available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and FUSE 🎉

Huge congrats to the team at Optimist including director Chris Temple, Zach Ingrasci, Jenna Kelly, along with EP Howard Lindzon and Kayla Kilbride.

About The Film:

Stocks! Bitcoin! Dogecoin! GameStop! AMC! NFTs...You've heard it all.

This Is Not Financial Advice centers on the story of Pro, an undocumented Brazilian immigrant who gambles his life savings on Dogecoin. Within months, Pro is worth millions, at least on paper. A year later, he loses all his money - but never his faith in the dog-themed crypto.

This Week's Major Headlines

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