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  • The 2nd Largest FDIC Insured Bank Failure in US History: Rippers Weekly Recap 3/11

The 2nd Largest FDIC Insured Bank Failure in US History: Rippers Weekly Recap 3/11

Plus what trends r/WallStreetBets is hyped about

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This Week's Major Headlines

SIVB Bank Goes Bust

Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB) had a very quick demise which played out this week. On Friday, SIVB was officially shut down by California regulators and taken over by the FDIC as it became insolvent.

Here's a little more about how we got to this point. A lot of early stage startups, VCs, and even some public companies had money with SIVB. Yes, SIVB was FDIC insured. But given the nature of their clients being companies, the vast majority of them had more than $250K at the bank. We are only starting to see the fallout from this and a lot will happen over the weekend and this upcoming week ... stay tuned

Jerome Powell Testimony:

Powell spoke in front of House and Senate committees on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overall Powell was a little more hawkish than he has been over the last couple of appearances.

As he was speaking, the markets started to price in the Fed raising rates by 50 Basis points at the next FOMC meeting. CPI and PPI will definitely be on watch next week and will either cement a 50BPs hike or walk the market back to 25BPs.

Some key points from Powell's speech:

  • Fed is prepared to increase pace of rate hikes if needed

  • Ultimate rate peak likely to be higher than expected

  • Stresses no decision made on pace of rate hikes

  • Costs of not getting inflation down will be extremely high

  • The costs of failure to control inflation would be much higher than costs of controlling it

More Of This Week's Biggest Headlines

Get Prepared For A Very Busy Week Ahead!

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