Rippers Weekly Recap 3/25: Jerome Powell and the Fed

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And keep scrolling to check out a closer look at Fed Chair Jerome Powell's carefully constructed remarks from this week's FOMC press conference... from our favorite AI news monitoring tool - Babbl!

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Analyzing Jerome Powell’s Remarks 🔍

Babbl went through all words used during Jerome Powell’s last 3 FOMC press conferences (November, December, and February), and plotted out the frequency of each word relative to this week’s press conference.

While there was plenty to note, here's 6 key terms that paint the best picture of where Jerome Powell is at right now (and where the economy is going)… 🛣️

Take your portfolio to the next level with Babbl! Babbl analyzes thousands of articles, tweets, and posts like these every week -- leaving you with the insights and trends that got lost in the noise.

This Week's Major Headlines

Jerome Powell and the Fed

The biggest event from this past week was Jerome Powell and the Fed raising rates by 25 Basis Points to 4.75-5%. The release also came out with the Summary of Economic Projections, which shows the Fed expects rates to be 25 basis points higher than current levels at the end of the year.

Here are some quotes from Jerome Powell's press conference:

  • The Fed no longer states that ONGOING rate increases will be appropriate to quell inflation but SOME additional hikes MAY be needed

  • The speed of the bank run is a lot faster than we've seen in the past and suggests we need a change in regulation to keep up with that

  • In the Fed's most likely case Powell doesn't expect rate cuts in 2023

  • If we need to raise rates higher we will

  • A pause was considered in the days running up to this meeting

  • Yes, disinflation is absolutely occurring

  • "i am not saying anything more than what i am saying"

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