Rippers Weekly Recap 2/25: AI Boom & Nvidia Earnings

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For the first time in a couple of months I'm on vacation! I'm currently in England getting ready to go to a Premier League game. This week's version of the newsletter is a condensed version because I'm away. It will be back to the normal format next week, I really appreciate all of you for your non stop support!

And keep scrolling to check out insights from this year's earnings season from our favorite AI news monitoring tool - Babbl!

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Babbl came across this tweet of mine the other day. So, they were kind enough to put together a great recap of the who, what, and where of all this booming AI chatter.

From Babbl:

It feels like everywhere I go, the *constant* buzz on the street these days is artificial intelligence. Everyone is talking about it… all the time.

And the numbers back it up — ever since the release of Chat-GPT on November 30th, the volume of ‘AI’ mentions in online chatter has skyrocketed:

So, I also went back over the past 3-months and measured which public companies were mentioned most-often alongside the term ‘AI’ or ‘artificial intelligence’.

The results:

More About Babbl:

My friends over at Babbl constantly watch news trends just like this to give you special information you won’t find anywhere else.

I love partnering with companies that have a passion for sharing news, and Babbl is one of those companies 🤝

Babbl analyzes thousands of articles, tweets, and posts every week -- leaving you with the insights and trends that got lost in the noise.

It's a really great product with an amazing free newsletter - Market Mood - that you need to subscribe to!

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