Rippers Weekly Recap 3/25: The Biggest Headlines, Earnings and Movers from this past week

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March 26, 2022

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Hey everyone, it’s Evan! But I’m better known online as @StockMKTNewz. If you know me, you know I tweet way too much for any sane person to track. So, I thought I would narrow down my hundreds of tweets to get you caught up here in under 5 minutes on all the news from today you need to know! 

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Major Earnings Headlines

Nike reported earnings Monday after the markets closed, posting numbers of

  • EPS of $0.87, beating expectations of $0.75
  • Rev of $10.87B, beating expectations of $10.62B

Nike said nearly all of its supplier base is currently operational without restrictions

Nio reported earnings Thursday after the markets closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of -$0.16, missing expectations of -$0.14
  • Rev of $1.55B, beating expectations by $20M

Nio delivered 25,034 EVs in Q4 up 44% YoY

Adobe reported earnings Tuesday after markets closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of$3.41, beating expectations of $3.38
  • Rev of $4.26B, beating expectations of $4.24

Carnival reported earnings Tuesday before the markets opened, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of -$1.65, missing expectations of -$1.23
  • Rev of-$1.62B, missing expectations of -$2.29

Pinduoduo reported earnings Monday before the markets opened, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $1.07, beating expectations of $0.42
  • Rev of $4.27B, missing expectations of $4.82B

Major Headlines From This Week


  • Alibaba increased its share buyback program to $25 Billion from $15B - CNBC 
  • Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to acquire Alleghany $Y for $11.6 Billion or $848.02 per share in cash - CNBC


  • Tesla delivered the first vehicles from its German Gigafactory. - Electrek
  • Ryan Cohen spent ~$10M to buy 100,000 shares of GameStop, at prices ranging between $96.81-$108.82 per share - SEC Filings 
  • Netflix will soon be releasing its first ever first-person shooter mobile game “Into the Dead 2: Unleashed” - Variety 
  • Nvidia had their GTC Keynote, hosted by Jensen Huang, which you can listen to in full here. There where a lot of major headlines here are some:
    • Nvidia unveiled its new GPU H100 GPU made to handle AI work in data centers
    • Nvidia unveiled its new "EOS" supercomputer
    • Nvidia unveiled its new Grace Hopper CPU Superchip
  • Nancy Pelosi reported exercising her Tesla call options that were set to expire - CongressTrading


  • Google said its partnering with developers to explore different implementations of user choice billing starting with Spotify - Google 
  • Intel is reportedly in talks to acquire Israeli startup Granulate for ~$650 Million - Haaretz 
  • Apple launched the first Driver's License & State ID in the Apple Wallet in Arizona - Apple 
  • An official NFL game is coming to Meta Quest and PlayStation’s VR - The Verge 
  • Amazon signed Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit to call Thursday Night Football games on Amazon Prime Video - WAPO


  • Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill Officially Scheduled For House Floor Vote Next Week - Marijuana Moment 
  • Senate Has Passed Bill To Expand Medical Research On Marijuana according to Bloomberg 
  • Apple Is working on a hardware subscription service for iPhones, iPads and other Apple hardware products - The Verge 
  • Exxon is weighting taking its Gas to Bitcoin pilot to 4 countries - Bloomberg 
  • AMC disclosed its stake in Hycroft Mining is currently 35.8% of the company - SEC filing 
  • Uber reached an agreement to list all New York City taxis on its app - Tech Crunch


  • Bed Bath & Beyond has reached a settlement with Ryan Cohen after he disclosed owning a 9.8% stake in $BBBY, Cohen will receive 3 independent seats on Bed Bath & Beyond's board of directors - Bloomberg
  • Apple paid another round of “rare” $200K bonuses to some engineers - 9To5Mac

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