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The beer market in the US has been going through quite the reshuffle lately, and Constellation Brands has been making the most of it. Its beer brands include Corona and Modelo, both of which have increased significantly in market share since the Bud Light controversy. In fact, Modelo is now the top-selling beer brand in the US. Constellation owns a number of big names in wine and spirits as well, but about 85% of its revenue comes from beer sales.

Beyond Constellation’s improving market share, the business is getting a corporate makeover, courtesy of activist investor Elliott Management. As a concession to Eliott, Constellation added two new members to its board last week – and the stock popped.

Constellation has traditionally traded at a significantly lower earnings multiple than its peers. This is in large part because of a previous dual share class structure that allowed the Sands family to maintain control. And as with many family owned corporations, this led to a lack of corporate discipline and an erosion of shareholder value. But this structure was done away with last November.

Constellation has a lot of things going for them now: The restructuring is behind them, they have massively increased market share, and the senior leadership team is finally sharp and aligned with shareholders. And let’s not forget Elliott’s very aggressive reputation as an activist in its major holdings.

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