Rippers Weekly Recap 7/29

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How The Stock Market Performed This Past Week

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How The Largest Stocks Performed

Best Performing Large Cap Stocks

Worst Performing Large Cap Stocks

💡SaberTrade Ideas: Profiting on Agricultural Volatility

DISCLAIMER: Not Financial Advice

Traders seem to forget the agricultural markets quite frequently. I’m not completely sure why this is the case but it most certainly is. They’re missing out on huge opportunities! Especially in a world rocked by geopolitical upheaval in areas critical to the global food supply.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has had a major impact on global ag prices and volatility. This causes myriad problems for a lot of the companies involved in this space, but there are some businesses that thrive in this kind of chaos. Bunge (BG) generates a lot of its profits from trading agricultural products - so like most trading firms, the elevated volatility is boosting its bottom line. The stock has had a great July and it’s still trading below the P/E ratios of many of its peers. The uncertainty in commodity prices is unlikely to change anytime soon - and Bunge is well positioned to continue to take advantage of this.

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