Rippers Weekly Recap 8/6: Big Tech Earnings!

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How The Stock Market Performed This Past Week

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Following closely on the heels in the recent commercial AI breakthroughs we have now seen a huge step forward in the world of room temperature superconductors. The futuristic-sounding LK99 is a polycrystalline material made out of lead, oxygen, and phosphorus that’s been infused with copper. Although there have been some conflicting results on the reproducibility of the initial experiments, there have been multiple computer simulations that have started to lay the groundwork for a theoretical explanation of the (potential) properties of LK99. There is a lot of hype right now - and for good reason. Regardless of whether or not these properties are fully reproducible, this is a huge leap and will certainly change the landscape of research in this field going forward.

There are a lot of stocks that are well positioned to capture the economic benefits of this breakthrough. The semiconductor industry, already spiking from the advancements in AI, will be further buoyed. There are so many potential winners in this field and its challenging to see exactly which will be the best pick long term. Some stocks like AMSC have already spiked and crashed. We think a great way to play this is to just go long the whole sector though an ETF such as SMH. This will allow you to take advantage of both the hype and reality of this massive scientific leap forward, while avoiding at least some of the volatility caused by stocks like ASMC that will moon and crater all in one week.

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