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Taylor Lorenz On Why Elon Musk Banned Her Twitter Account

Plus Taylor's take on Ron Desantis, TikTok bans, debt ceiling deal, & more!


On This Episode:

Special guest, journalist, and author of "Extremely Online" Taylor Lorenz joins us to teach Mark how to pronounce "Cannes" and help us recap the headlines in an all new episode of This Week In Money!

Here’s what we covered:

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LinkedIn’s “Top Startup” Wants To Help You Hedge Market Volatility

Only “the best, completely game-changing ideas” made the rankings this year. One of the standouts was Masterworks, the sole investment platform on the list.

Masterworks allows users to invest in shares of investment-grade art, a $1.7 trillion alternative asset. Many of Masterworks’ members cite inflation concerns, and volatile public markets, as top reasons they invest.

It makes sense. Goldman Sachs recently reported that real assets like fine art can help protect wealth during periods of historically-high inflation. In fact, contemporary art has appreciated 13.5% annually on average, when inflation is above 3%.

So while everyone else was panic-selling at double-digit losses, Masterworks’ last 3 sales realized 10.4%, 35.0%, and 13.9%.

Due to high demand, offerings can sell out in just minutes, but Bullish Rippers readers can skip the waitlist with this referral link.


“Net Return" refers to the annualized internal rate of return net of all fees and costs, calculated from the offering closing date to the date the sale is consummated. IRR may not be indicative of Masterworks paintings not yet sold and past performance is not indicative of future results. See important Regulation A disclosures at masterworks.com/cd.

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