The Wild West Of Equestrian Media

StreamHorse CEO Tom Pierce joins us on the Bullish Studio Podcast


About the podcast:

As fans of Bullish Rippers - we know you love staying up-to-date on the markets.

But what about the leaders behind it all?

Hosted by Bullish Studio CEO Brian Hanly, the Bullish Studio Podcast is a conversation with founders, friends, CEOs, and game-changers about their journeys in business and lessons learned along the way.

About the episode:

Cowboy culture is having a moment. So, we brought on a guest who knows a thing or two about this whole world.

StreamHorse CEO Tom Pierce joins us on this episode of the Bullish Studio Podcast to discuss the lucrative - and previously inaccessible - world of horses. StreamHorseTV is on a mission to make horse content more accessible and open up this world to a wider audience.

Here’s a preview at what we covered:

  • Tom’s journey working with founders as an investment adviser to working in the world of horses

  • Investing in horses and opportunities for investors in this space

  • How StreamHorse is leveling up the horse content you see online

  • The profitability of equestrian media

  • Celebrities involved in this space - from Beyoncé to the Royal Family

  • Sports betting in the equestrian world

    … and more!

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