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Rippers Weekly Recap 2/18: CPI, Earnings Szn Insights, and 13Fs

Plus Much More!

Hey everyone, it’s @StockMKTNewz Evan!

I spend 70 hours every week looking for news so you don't have to. I want you to see everything major from the week in under five minutes, but also be able to spend hours digging through all the stories and pictures. To that end, I include a lot of links (every picture has one). So, if you’re interested in a story or image, click in and explore!

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How The Stock Market Performed This Past Week

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From Babbl:

Earnings season is in full swing! And if nothing else, the past few weeks of Q4 corporate earnings calls have been entertaining

For starters, there are certain words that you’ll always hear in an earnings call. Words like ‘growth’, ‘customers’, ‘strength’, & ‘guidance’. No brainer right?

Well, apparently there are also words you will *never* hear on a call — ‘layoffs’, ‘cutbacks‘, ‘pessimistic’, and ‘miscalculated’. Because these guys know using these words is an immediate red flag…

So you’ve gotta read between the lines to find the red flags. Look at how the words they *do* use change from quarter to quarter. That’s where the nuggets are.

More About Babbl:

My friends over at Babbl constantly watch news trends just like this to give you special information you won’t find anywhere else.

I love partnering with companies that have a passion for sharing news, and Babbl is one of those companies 🤝

Babbl analyzes thousands of articles, tweets, and posts every week -- leaving you with the insights and trends that got lost in the noise.

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Biggest Earnings From This Week

Palantir reported earnings Monday after the market closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.04, beating expectations of $0.03

  • Revenue of $508.6M, beating expectations of $506M

Palantir expects 2023 to be its first profitable year.

Coca-Cola reported earnings Tuesday before the market opened, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.45, in line with expectations

  • Revenue of $10.1B, beating expectations of $9.9B

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy on getting into coffee: "There's lots of money in it. If we can find a path, there's a tremendous growth opportunity for the Coke system there."

Airbnb reported earnings Tuesday after the market closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.48, beating expectations of $0.27

  • Revenue of $1.9B, in line with expectations

Airbnb sees its revenue coming in next quarter between $1.75B-$1.82B, above analysts expectations of $1.68B.

Roblox reported earnings Wednesday before the market opened, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.29, beating expectations of -$0.18

  • Revenue of $8.61B, beating expectations of $8.48B

Roblox also released its key metrics for January 2023, with Average Daily Active Users of 65M up 19% YoY, Hours engaged of 5B up 19% YoY, and Estimated Revenue between $213-216M up between 22-24% YoY.

Shopify reported earnings Wednesday after the market closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.07, beating expectations of -$0.01

  • Revenue of $1.73B, beating expectations of $1.65B

DraftKings reported earnings Thursday after the market closed, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $0.29, beating expectations of -$0.18

  • Revenue of $8.61B, beating expectations of $8.48B

DraftKings raised its full-year 2023 revenue guidance to between $2.85-3.05B, up from between $2.8-3B/

Deere reported earnings Friday before the market opened, posting numbers of:

  • EPS of $6.55, beating expectations of $5.40

  • Revenue of $12.65B, beating expectations of $11.15B

Deere raised its FY23 Net Income guidance to between $8.75-9.25B up from between $8-8.5B.

There were a lot of major earnings this week, I condensed it down to what I thought were the most popular ones. If you want to know anything about any of the other earnings feel free to send me a DM

Major Headlines From This Week


  • Super Bowl LVII on Fox averaged 113M viewers, making it the 3rd most-watched TV show ever - NFL

  • Twilio announced plans to lay off ~17% of its workforce - CNBC

  • Walmart plans to close 3 of its US technology hubs and require hundreds of workers to relocate to keep their jobs - AP

  • NBC Sports is prepared to make an aggressive offer to win back NBA rights after more than 20 years without them, there will be competition with reports that Apple and Amazon have both already expressed interest in the rights - CNBC

  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn lays off staff in its recruiting department - The Information

  • US to sell 26M more barrels from strategic crude reserve - The Hill

  • Amazon’s Zoox Robotaxi carried passengers in its fully autonomous vehicle on public roads for the first time - Bloomberg

  • Uber signed multi-year cloud contracts with both Google Cloud and Oracle - WSJ


  • CPI for January came in at +6.4% YoY above expectations

  • Microsoft’s Bing AI made several factual errors in last week’s launch demo - CNBC

  • Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway filed a 13F showing its full holdings as of December 31st - SEC

  • Ross Gerber has officially notified Tesla that he plans to pursue a board seat - Bloomberg

  • Apple’s new Buy Now Pay Later service will evaluate borrowers based on their spending history and even which of the company’s devices they own - Bloomberg

  • Michael Burry updated his portfolio, adding shares of companies like Alibaba and JD - SMN

  • Microsoft laid off 150 sales specialists whose job was to convince businesses to buy cloud services - The Information

  • Elon Musk gifted 11.6M shares of Tesla stock to a charity between August 12 to December 27 2022 - SMN

  • Reddit is aiming to go public through an IPO in the second half of 2023 - Reuters

  • The European Parliament formally approved a law to ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars in the European Union starting in 2035 - Tech Crunch

  • Ford plans to cut 3,800 jobs in Europe over next three years - CNBC

  • President Biden named Fed’s Lael Brainard as his top economic adviser - Yahoo

  • Argentina’s January inflation came in at 98.8% YoY, with prices up more than 6% from December - Bloomberg

  • JPMorgan expects to see a nearly 20% drop in banking revenue during Q1 - Reuters

  • Subway confirmed its exploring a possible sale of the company - Bloomberg

  • Taiwan Semiconductor approved a capital injection of up to $3.5B in TSMC Arizona - TSMC


  • Tesla will make at least 7,500 of its superchargers available to all EV drivers by the end of 2024 through the Tesla app or website - White House

  • Apple was recently awarded a patent for a foldable device, sparking rumors foldable iPhones and iPads may be coming soon - Fortune

  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai sent a companywide email, telling employees to spend a few hours testing Bard and that “some of our most successful products were not first to market” - CNBC

  • Tesla has sold out the Model Y for the quarter in the US with no more production builds until April - Electrek

  • Robinhood reported $3.7B of trading volume from Crypto during January 2023 up 95% MoM but still down 59% YoY - Robinhood

  • McDonald’s is launching McPlant nuggets made with Beyond Meat in Germany - CNBC

  • Apple has postponed the debut of its new VR headset by two months until June - MacRumors

  • The founder of WallStreetBets is suing Reddit - The Verge

  • Charlie Munger said “BYD is so much ahead of Tesla in China, it's almost ridiculous.” In the same interview, Munger praised Costco saying “I love everything about Costco. i’m a total addict, and i’m never going to sell a share.” - CNBC

  • The Justice Department has ramped up work in recent months on drafting a potential antitrust complaint against Apple - WSJ

  • George Soros owned 500 call options in Cathie Wood's Ark Innovation ETF as of December 31 - SEC

  • Ford said it will maintain its temporary pause on production and shipment of its electric F-150 Lightning through at least the end of next week - The Verge

  • The SEC is adopting a new rule to shorten the standard settlement cycle for most broker dealer securities transactions to T+1 from T+2 - SEC

  • A record $93.2B worth of legal sports bets were place in the US in 2022 - American Gaming

  • Twitter has started allowing ads for cannabis in parts of the US - The Wrap

  • Tesla will halt some production at its Shanghai factory until the end of February, as it upgrades the facility for a revamped Model 3 - Bloomberg


  • DocuSign announced plans to reduce its workforce by ~10% - CNBC

  • Apple has reportedly begun firing contractors - NYP

  • General Motors CEO Mary Barra said 2023 is the year that GM moves past its traditional rivals and starts its attempt to close the gap on Tesla - Bloomberg

  • Chevron is on track to ship more than 100,000 barrels per day of Venezuelan crude oil to the United States this month - Reuters

  • Major news outlets, including the WSJ, have begun criticizing OpenAI and its ChatGPT software, saying it uses their articles to train its artificial intelligence tool without paying them - Bloomberg

  • “The short covering in U.S. tech stocks from Jan. 31 to Feb. 15 is the second largest in magnitude over any 12-day period in the past decade” - Goldman Sachs

  • The average 30 year fixed mortgage rate in the US jumped to 6.32% up from 6.12% last week - Freddie Mac

  • Snapchat said they now has more than 750M monthly active users - Tech Crunch

  • Instagram started the roll out of a new broadcast chat feature called Instagram Channels - FB

  • China is seeking extra scrutiny of Ford’s recently announced factory with CATL due to IP concerns - Reuters

  • Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced she’s stepping down - The Verge

  • US PPI for January just came in at +0.7% MoM, above expectations of +0.4% - BLS

  • US SEC charged the founder of the failed Terra Do Kwon with fraud - Tech Crunch

  • Visa CFO Vasant Prabhu plans to step down on Sept. 30 - BusinessWire

  • China issued sanctions against Lockheed Martin and Raytheon over its Taiwan arms sale - AP

  • Texas Roadhouse plans to increase menu prices by ~2.2% in March - SMN

  • Canadian regulators are close to tightening rules for crypto exchanges - coindesk


  • Outgoing PayPal CEO Dan Schulman bought 26,065 shares of PayPal on Friday at an average price of $76.17 per share wroth a total of ~$2M - SEC

  • Microsoft says it’s implementing some conversation limits to its Bing AI after people we’re able to get the AI to say some pretty weird things as conversations progressed. Bing chats will now be capped at 5 questions per session and 50 questions per day - The Verge

  • Qatar has reportedly submitted its bid to acquire 100% of Manchester United - Fabrizio Romano

  • European natural gas futures settled below €50 a megawatt-hour for the first time in over 17 months - Bloomberg

  • Microsoft has started showing off an internal demo of Minecraft that uses its new AI tech to let users tell the game what they want to do instead of manually moving characters to build and dig - Semafor

  • Amazon said its employees should be in office at least 3 days per week - Amazon

  • US SEC said former NBA player Paul Pierce will pay $1.4M and agree to not promote any crypto for 3 years to settle charges of illegally promoting EthereumMax - CoinDesk

  • Salesforce and activist investor Elliott Management may soon reach deal to avoid proxy fight - CNBC

  • Tesla has held talks with Sigma Lithium about a possible acquisition. Sigma has been exploring a sale and the talks with Tesla are still considered to be in the early stage with no decisions made - Bloomberg

  • Microsoft plans to allow paid ads within its OpenAI powered Bing Chatbot - Reuters

  • Penn Entertainment officially bought the remaining 64% of Barstool Sports it didn't already own for ~$388M - Penn

  • Meta gave thousands of employees subpar ratings in a recently concluded round of performance reviews, a signal that more job cuts may be on the way - WSJ

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